10 Digital, Technology and BIM networks in the UK


HEXABIM appreciates that a vital part of the process of any international business focussing on entering any specific new market, is to understand its relation to other organisations in that market. This is necessary, in order to understand how it can adjust to fit that market needs. Some see this competitor intelligence, others see it as positioning.

The process of understanding other players' positions, contributions and influence enables it to spot gaps, or needs, and therefore opportunities, to provide solutions and/or services – and allows it to reflect upon, establish, reconsider or adjust as necessary, its own vision, mission and values.

As HEXABIM has joined the UK market itself, I've researched and compiled a list of 10 international (English speaking) and UK digital, technology and BIM communities, the ecosystem network that it sits directly within and is connected to. The different missions of each are revealed here.

International Digital / BIM networks :

1.buildingSMART International has a mission to : 

 "…proactively facilitate with key leaders the active use and promulgation of open data standards enabling civil infrastructure and building asset data and life-cycle processes to be seamlessly integrated, improving the value achieved from investments in the built environment and enhancing opportunities for growth."


2.HEXABIM currently has a mission to :

"…to empower professionals who seek to exchange, share and find solutions to the challenges they face in contributing to a digital model."


3.BIM Community has a mission to :

"…help and encourage the construction industry to adopt the paradigm shift that Building Information Modeling (BIM) means. Our commitment to this collaborative methodology of work requires us to offer the most innovative tools and information so that users can advance in their professional career."  


4.The BIMhub has a mission to : 

 "…continue to build a thorough, professional and engaging platform dedicated to the advancement and the adoption of BIM all over the world. To remain responsive, accessible and flexible to our members needs at all times and to continue to introduce new tools, concepts and swifter ways of helping you to better connect learn and develop." 


UK Digital / BIM networks

5.Centre for Digital Built Britain has a mission to :

"…support the digitally enabled transformation of the full lifecycle of the built environment to increase productivity and improve economic and social outcomes in the UK and, where appropriate, internationally."


6. BuildingSMART UKI Chapter (UK BIM Alliance) has a mission to : 

"To facilitate and ensure the adoption and implementation of BIM Level 2 as business as usual by 2020."

7.HEXABIM UK currently has a mission to :

"…to empower anglophone professionals who seek to exchange, share and find solutions to the challenges they face in contributing to a digital model"


8.COMIT has a mission to :

"…promote the use of mobile technology within the UK construction industry by spreading best practice, promoting new developments and facilitating understanding between technology providers and construction companies."

9.Scottish Futures Trust : Scottish BIM Delivery Group has a remit to : 

"…lead, manage, coordinate and deliver a BIM implementation plan which seeks to support the Public Sector in the adoption of BIM Level 2 where appropriate from April 2017." ~The Scottish Futures Trust : Scottish BIM Delivery Group.


10.BIM Regions aims to :

"help ensure that the most up-to-date and consistent information on the UK Government Level 2 BIM programme was disseminated across the UK and allowing for a local feedback mechanism to the Government BIM Task Group at a grass roots level."


There are many BIM regions, throughout the UK and Ireland as well as other regional organisations sector-specific communities (collectively known as #BIM4Communities) and thought leadership forums relating to BIM and digital concerns.

Awareness and support of as well as active participation in the most relevant international and national networks mentioned here should, however, be a good starting point for technology UK market entrants.

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