A short BIM(less) story

BIM is a huge topic nowadays and everyone seems to be talking about it, often using highly descriptive words such as “Efficiency”, “Digitalisation”, “Compatibility” and others alike. Though most of us are well aware of the undeniable benefits of using BIM enabled systems, it is somewhat harder to grasp the ultimate practicality that the Building Information Modelling brings us on a day to day basis.

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Thursday, 10 December 2015 06:07
A short BIM (less) story is a very interesting story which you shared here with us. I am very happy to read this story and this is... Read More
Thursday, 10 December 2015 06:09
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Meet Jeremy TAMMIK : blogger, developer and consulting analyst at Autodesk

Today we have the pleasure to talk with the founder and very specialized blogger at The Building Coder website, Jeremy TAMMIK who is also a consulting analyst at Autodesk Europe, we will talk with him about many topics such as his career, his daily missions, why he is using Revit as platform, what he think about the latest RTC Europe event, his actual projects, some AEC trends and finally some of his numerous hobbies in real life (no Revit please) !

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Meet Simon MOREAU, BIM manager and developer from France

We are so excited to start the "BIM with" interviews, for this first edition we will talk with Simon MOREAU, well known with his great blog BIM42.com : The Answer to the Great Question of BIM, the Universe and Everything.

Simon is a french BIM manager et developer, he is working for one of the biggest engineering companies in France, INGEROP. We will talk about his choice of BIM, how BIM practices are organised around tools, why we should develop programs and scripts for BIM, how he see the future of BIM and finally what he think about BIM friends !

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Thank you Simon !
Monday, 02 November 2015 23:28
Stéphane DUFOUR
Good state of mind, I hope, will inspire others. Thank you
Thursday, 05 November 2015 05:59
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