Autodesk LIVE, immersive experience for Revit users

Autodesk LIVE, immersive experience for Revit users

Yesterday Autodesk launched officially a new interactive visualization service which offers Revit users the ability to transform their 3d models into fully-interactive 3D models, this product called Live is not really new, it was known as Project Expo and was in the Autodesk Lab before the final release.

As described by Autodesk, LIVE converts a project visualization into an interactive model in the cloud, Architects, engineers and construction professionals may customize and more easily share the experience with clients to explore on their own, enhancing communication of a digital design before a project ever breaks ground.

Autodesk LIVE is not a game changer, other visualization tools already exists and are completely compatibles with Autodesk Revit, with and without plugins, the most know solutions and competitors are Lumion 3D and Twinmotion.

Here's the main features of this new solution :

  • Prepare Autodesk Revit models for real-time exploration in just a few minutes;
  • Integrate Revit models with an environment terrain template to more quickly add scale and context around any building;
  • Convert rich photorealistic content (RPC), people models and vegetation models to real-time 3D models so the world looks alive; and
  • Understand better how BIM objects should behave, as BIM data is brought over to the Autodesk LIVE environment. For example, LIVE knows a door is a door, and as such it will open and close as the user moves to and through the door. Another example includes the ability to show the time of day and year, which may be adjusted at any point to see representative sun and shadow patterns.


And some screenshots :






As announced by Autodesk, LIVE is available to subscribers of Autodesk Revit for an additional monthly cost as its a cloud service.


Images and videos by Autodesk.
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