Best of BIM : Top 10 news and reviews of the month


  1. Autodesk AEC Showreel 2017: Worldwide Projects

  2. What is a BIM Manager and what do they do?

  3. Drones, Cloud Computing and BIM – Digital Engineering for Metro Construction

  4. BIM-Connected Dynamo Supports Efficient Delivery of Imaginative Structure

  5. BIM+ - Round table asks: what happened to the BIM bang?

  6. Model behavior: How to optimize BIM during preconstruction

  7. Partnership between four major players in the construction sector to advance the progress of BIM (Building Information Modelling)

  8. DJI Drone Workflows for BIM Part 1

  9. The future of cost estimation, from BIM to VR and beyond

  10. BIM Management for Energy Modeling