Meet Jeremy TAMMIK : blogger, developer and consulting analyst at Autodesk

Meet Jeremy TAMMIK : blogger, developer and consulting analyst at Autodesk

Today we have the pleasure to talk with the founder and very specialized blogger at The Building Coder website, Jeremy TAMMIK who is also a consulting analyst at Autodesk Europe, we will talk with him about many topics such as his career, his daily missions, why he is using Revit as platform, what he think about the latest RTC Europe event, his actual projects, some AEC trends and finally some of his numerous hobbies in real life (no Revit please) !

Hi Jeremy, Can you tell us how did you start your career ?

I studied as a mathematician, then turned to programming, i have worked as a programmer and a teacher all my life, mostly for Autodesk, and also as an independent developer. I have never really started working with AEC, and i do not know Revit ! Only the Revit API, application programming interface !


What are your daily missions as Consulting Analyst ?

I answer questions from developers on the Revit API, i never do anything at all except dealing with ADN cases and writing The Building Coder blog.

My main motivation is probably solving problems, but maybe even stronger than that an urge to help people in whatever manner possible.

Unfortunately for me, I seem to often find it more helpful just to shuffle information around that I receive from others, rather than performing my own research. I would love to spend more time programming and exploring new issues myself, rather than managing information provided by others.

  • 44% – ADN cases, special support cases, learning new Revit API features cases, newsletter articles
  • 17% – Conferences: Autodesk University, DevCamp, DevDays, webcasts
  • 14% – Admin including meetings and participating in trainings
  • 13% – Blogging
  • 6% – Providing hands-on Revit API training
  • 6% – Other stuff, including cloud & mobile, plug-in development, Mac learning and setup


The Building Coder blog is a world wide Revit programming reference, can you tell us more about it ?

The Building Coder is a blog about the Revit API, or application programming interface. The Revit API comes equipped with an SDK, a software developer's kit, containing documentation and sample code but cannot cover every possible topic, The Building Coder and the Revit API discussion forum provide platforms for the entire Revit developer community to sharing questions, ideas, and solutions.


Why Revit ?

Many studies have proven that BIM is an efficient technology for planning, constructing and maintaining buildings, Revit is the most advanced BIM tool available on the market today !

How was the latest RTC Europe event ?
It was absolutely brilliant! I loved it. Totally focussed on Revit, of course, and with very high-level enthusiastic competent professional presentations and participants.
I presented three sessions myself that were very well received and generated a lot of excitement:
  • RTC Classes and Getting Started with Revit Macros
  • RTC, Budapest and the Revit API Panel
  • Connecting Desktop and Cloud, Room Editor Update


What are your actual Projects ?

I am working on the CompHound project for Autodesk University, its a cloud-based universal component and asset usage analysis, reporting, bill of materials, visualisation and navigation project providing sample code for two presentations on connecting the desktop with the cloud at RTC Europe in Budapest end of October and Autodesk University in Las Vegas in December.

It currently consists of two parts:
  • CompHoundWeb, a Node.js web server, mongo database and Autodesk View and Data API viewer.
  • CompHoundRvt, a Revit add-in to populate the CompHound web database with ±BIM family instances.
This project is based on and derived from the node.js mongodb web server for the FireRating in the Cloud sample, consisting of the FireRatingCloud C# .NET REST API client Revit add-in and the fireratingdb Node.js mongoDB web server.
In addition to that, this project also sports a user interface, including report, bill of material, Autodesk View and Data API 2D and 3D model analysis, viewing and navigation functionality.
Some key-words about AEC future and trends ?
Combination of Desktop and Cloud, global accessibility, more free open source software !

BIM and AEC are not all in the world, what are your hobbies and exploits in real life ?
I am vegetarian and love cooking, i have four kids that are grown up now, and one grandchild so far ! I love climbing, hiking, outdoors, music, theatre, literature, art, travel, photo, mountains, oceans, meditation, spirituality, adventure, survival, problem solving, challenges of all kinds and many other things !


A big thanks Jeremy for this interview, you are definitely one of most appreciated and kindly Revit developers !

We will continue following you at The Building Coder blog and invite all our Revit members here to join it !


BIO : Jeremy is a blogger at The Building Coder and The 3D Web Coder. He works with the Autodesk APIs and Web Services, providing developer support, training, conference presentations, and blogging on the Revit API and cloud and mobile technologies.

He joined Autodesk in 1988 as the European technology evangelist driving AutoCAD application development in Europe, the United States, Australia, and Africa. He is a co-founder of ADGE, the AutoCAD Developer Group Europe, and a prolific author on AutoCAD application development. He left Autodesk in 1994 to work as an independent HVAC application developer and rejoined the company in 2005.

Jeremy graduated in mathematics and physics at Marburg University in Germany. He worked as a teacher and translator of both computer and human languages, then as a C++ programmer on early GUI and multitasking projects.

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