Meet Simon MOREAU, BIM manager and developer from France

Meet Simon MOREAU, BIM manager and developer from France

We are so excited to start the "BIM with" interviews, for this first edition we will talk with Simon MOREAU, well known with his great blog : The Answer to the Great Question of BIM, the Universe and Everything.

Simon is a french BIM manager et developer, he is working for one of the biggest engineering companies in France, INGEROP. We will talk about his choice of BIM, how BIM practices are organised around tools, why we should develop programs and scripts for BIM, how he see the future of BIM and finally what he think about BIM friends !

Why Building Information Modeling Simon ?

For me, it is the only way to work. During my short career (I am 27), I have always used this kind of tools and don't imagine working differently. When I started working in AEC, there was a lot to learn and develop around these tools, and I had the opportunity to experiment a lot. Today, these tools are maturing and give us the opportunity to focus on the strategy instead of the nuts and bolts of the software.

How do you see the evolution of practices around building information modeling ?

My daily work is more and more focused on creating the organization around these new tools, and I think this is the main field of development for building information modeling. We are shifting from a tool-based to a process-based approach. I also try to find relevant similarities with other fields. Manufacturing is the obvious one, but do not take into account the uniqueness of the project.

The software industry is a really interesting field, focused around project and design. Pretty much like the software industry of the 90's, we face larger and larger projects, with tighter schedules and increasing complexity. For the software industry, the solution was Agile methodology. I think we can learn from that. Nathan Miller makes a great case for Scrum (an agile project management solution) on his blog.

Why developing for BIM is much important ?

For me, the development of custom solutions around existing software is a form of knowledge management. You can "implement" a clever building technique or a process into a plug-in and be able to reuse it on every project. These plug-ins become the company best practices.

Using code or visual programming interfaces like Dynamo or Grasshopper can give a competitive edge when it comes to reusing proven solutions developed on a previous project. As I learn how to design buildings, I try to transform this knowledge into something reusable and useful for others.

You didn't try to monetize any of your applications ?

No. There is a strong open source tradition in technology, but this is not a common behavior in the building industry, which is more individualistic. I think we can learn a lot from open-source communities, and this is why I try to contribute and share my work. These tools are something I need for my work and develop on my spare time. I don't intend to make anyone pay for that. Since I don't make anyone pay for it, I also open the source and allow other to improve on my solution. And there is room for improvement!

How do you see the future of Building Information Modeling ?

I am not very comfortable at making predictions, but I see opportunities in AEC to use BIM to develop new business models making full use of these technologies and process. Furthermore, tools will keep on improving and will democratize their use for every stakeholder in the project.

BIM friends is just launching, What do you think about it ?

There are no open-source communities in AEC, and I think that BIMFriends can help create this kind of communities around BIM, and maybe become the Stack Overflow for architecture and building design.


We would to thank you Simon for this interview, we really appreciate talking with you !
We will continue following you here and on you blog, good luck !

If you like to participate in our BIM interviews please feel free to contact us, we will happy to talk with you about your favourite BIM topics !

BIO : Simon Moreau received a master's degree in civil engineering from the École Spéciale des Travaux Public in Paris, France. In 2013 after working on large international projects and developing parametric models on complex framing, Simon joined the building engineering consultancy Ingérop in the coordination department. He works with intelligent models, and he is also responsible for the development of Building Information Modeling (BIM) protocols, standards, and workflows in Ingerop. Simon also writes about BIM on his blog, BIM42 (, and he is a Revit software add-in hobbyist with 3 plug-ins on the Autodesk App Exchange.

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