Welcome to HEXABIM UK, a digital platform available to professionals who wish to exchange, share and find solutions to problems associated with the deployment of BIM and the digital model.  HEXABIM UK has evolved out of HEXABIM, the 8000+ strong BIM community that it is federated with. HEXABIM was founded by its CEO Mohamed Khettab, a digital model specialist, in 2014. Today by developing HEXABIM UK, HEXABIM seeks to combine the experience of developing a largely francophone BIM community, discussion forum and resource platform with associated technology in France, with UK BIM expertise – and in doing so serve the wider anglophone BIM community. HEXABIM’s vision It serves as a useful platform of exchange, support and advice for BIM professionals worldwide It offers a real chance for all those who wish to start, progress or deepen their BIM competences to do so.  Whatever solutions are used, by whichever BIM stakeholder - consultant, architect, engineer, manufacturer, supplier, contractor, client or facility manager - on HEXABIM discussions are open and constructive.    HEXABIM’s mission    HEXABIM's mission is to create an independent platform available to BIM professionals who seek to exchange, share and find solutions to the challenges they face in contributing to a digital model. It serves the global BIM community in two ways: Firstly, through its discussion-focussed, social-networking, knowledge-sharing and resource-orientated website platform, and Secondly, through its interactive BIM webinar platform - biminar.   Ultimately it seeks to empower BIM and digital transformation professionals by providing them with access to dedicated media platforms that facilitate and boost their online engagement.   HEXABIM UK   HEXABIM UK currently hosts a diverse English-speaking BIM community, with an accessible BIM discussion forum. It aims to become a valuable UK BIM community with a platform available to BIM professionals who seek to exchange, share and find solutions to the challenges they face in contributing to a digital model - and driven by UK BIM expertise. Benefits How BIM professionals and digital solution users can benefit from HEXABIM As a BIM professional, you can find many opportunities for constructive exchange, and :    join, create a profile and network with in our BIM Community suggest a BIM Event that you are organising, attending, or simply know about for inclusion   suggest BIM Training that you are organising, attending, or simply know about for inclusion   suggest BIM Resources for inclusion (BIM objects for the Object Library, Model Images or videos for the Media Gallery)   suggest BIM News for inclusion  discuss issues through our BIM Forum (discussion may well be about a particular software solution or about comparing different solutions, and may not always be centred on any single technical aspect, but also include deeper thought on the future of our trades)    How digital / BIM solution providers can benefit from partnering with HEXABIM UK :    As a digital / BIM solution provider you can:   benefit from our marketing and communication services (including social media marketing, webinars...) through our Start Up, Pro and Business packages to promote your BIM job opportunities, BIM events or training sessions, share your BIM News, BIM Resources and more...   Contact    For more information about HEXABIM, its platforms and service packages please contact :    Paris, France :  Mohamed Khettab HEXABIM (HQ) +0033 184244239 Bath, UK :         Mary Bon c/o AEC collaboration       +0044 7399431881          

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