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What is a good BIM manager for you ?

Hi guys, A BIM solutions expert or good project manager ? An engineer or an Architect ? A geek ? .. ? All those ?...
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Do you think that manufacturers are getting on board with BIM?

“As a product manufacturer you need to provide the data, about your products to the whole supply chain so that the designers and contractors can select the properties they need. By doing so, you have a far higher chance of actually being procured”. ...
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New BIM Server Setup

We are looking at moving our BIM Server (ArchiCAD) to a raid drive to run redundant clones. Essentially our boot drive and data drives will be separate, and the external raid drive can be plugged into any machine with the Graphisoft BIM Server applic...
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BIM Manager : main challenges

Hi, BIM is getting more and more attention in the AEC business. CAD managers are being assigned for the role of BIM coordinator / manager. Most of them know that BIM becomes more and more important ands some countries start mandating BIM for large...
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