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How computational design solves problems ?

Computational design is the application of computational strategies to the design process. While designers traditionally rely on intuition and experience to solve design problems, computational design aims to enhance that process by encoding design d...
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Favorite Structural platforms that integrate with Revit

I'm researching and getting feedback on the communities favorite Structural Design/Analysis tools that integrate with Revit. I have not been keeping up with improvement that past 18 months and thought that this would be a great place to get feedback....
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Hi All, I am looking for some information about integration Revit analysis model with SOFiSTiK and RFEM FEM software. Maybe someone could recommend me any website or forum where I could get some important information about it ? Regards...
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Difference between Robot and React structure ?

Hi there, "Autodesk® React Structures is intuitive structural analysis software that connects to the BIM process." This is what's mentioned on the official React structure website, thats mean that Robot structural analysis is "less" or "not" B...
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