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Favorite Structural platforms that integrate with Revit

I'm researching and getting feedback on the communities favorite Structural Design/Analysis tools that integrate with Revit. I have not been keeping up with improvement that past 18 months and thought that this would be a great place to get feedback....
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How do MEP firms select which BIM related software to adopt in their workflows?

Hello! I'm a graduate student trying to collect data for my dissertation research, on the processes MEP firms go through when selecting BIM software. The following link will direct you to an anonymous survey with specific questions on selection crite...
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New Revit 2017 exporter to Twinmotion

A new Revit export plugin has been released! It is compatible with Revit 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017. You can find them at the link: Revit 2017 exporter download In this new version, various bugs have been fixed. A new functionality has been adde...
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Hi All, I am looking for some information about integration Revit analysis model with SOFiSTiK and RFEM FEM software. Maybe someone could recommend me any website or forum where I could get some important information about it ? Regards...
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Revit auto update

I am working on creating a revit addin and I want to have it automatically pull a copy ofthe .dll and.addin files at shutdown using a batch file. By themselves the code and the batch file routines work correctly but when I have them running with each...
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Best solutions for 4D BIM Construction ?

Hello everybody, What are your favourite 4D Scheduling and project management software ? Synchro seems great, what about NavisWorks ?...
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Popular BIM softwares per location !

Hi everybody, every country or state should have some popular BIM solutions, for example in France we use Revit, ArchiCAD, Tekla and Allplan for modeling ! What about you ?...
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