HEXABIM joins the UK, the world’s leading BIM market


It's been a busy start to the year at HEXABIM on two fronts: firstly, developing HEXABIM UK and secondly, launching biminar !


HEXABIM UK is focussed on serving the world-leading UK BIM community, developing a specific digital platform to cover the breadth of BIM, and tailored to meet the needs of its growing community.

As its founder Mohamed Khettab says, "the UK is leading the world on BIM, so it only right that HEXABIM strives to comprehensively address this market's needs, through our services and platforms. We are an independent digital platform, specialising in BIM and digital transition, and had around 2M page views last year. At present the HEXABIM global platform has a predominantly francophone 8000+ network, including some from the UK and HEXABIM UK itself, has around 80 members."

Now supported physically by myself in South West UK, it is able to share the experience of developing a mainly francophone BIM community and associated technology from France to the anglophone BIM community through the UK. 

As a step on the way to achieving this I look forward to joining a "peer-to-peer BIM event" looking at future technology held at the University of the West of England next week and presenting an overview of HEXABIM at a construction training group event, "Digital Skills for Construction: Unlock Business Growth" also in the South West.


It is now extending its offering with a new platform called biminar. Biminar was created to meet the growing, urgent, global demand for high-quality online BIM education and knowledge-sharing.

Khettab explains how "the Biminar platform enables BIM experts and industry leaders (including authors and event organisers) and BIM companies (technology solution providers and services businesses) to record webinars for online delivery to reach their audiences of BIM professionals."

As veteran construction IT journalist, Paul Wilkinson recently highlighted in an article, conventional face-to-face events are often expensive and time-consuming to attend. They also involve unsustainable travel practices and webinars have emerged as a popular way to engage audiences, through interactive chat, Q&A, polls, handout dissemination tools and the like to sustainably respond to specific information and learning needs.

International BIM education by Paul Wilkinson

Look out for details of our first live biminar, with a leading UK BIM champion, scheduled for March !

www.biminar.com | www.hexabim.co.uk

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