HEXABIM UK’s early moves : Peer to Peer BIM, digital skills events and biminar No°1

This week on behalf of HEXABIM, and as mentioned in my previous post, I set out to engage offline with digital, and BIM stakeholders, through attendance and participation in events in the South West. My aim was to spread the word of what HEXABIM 's aims are in the UK, and how it sets out to usefully serve them to complement and enrich their marketing efforts and benefit them through its platforms and services.

​Peer to Peer BIM [#Peer2PeerBIM] : University of the West of England​

First, I attended the "Peer to Peer BIM" event "Emerging Technologies - Blockchain" held by the University of the West of England (UWE) at its Business School, and supported by the BIM Regions network. The following day, I participated by presenting an overview of HEXABIM at the digital skills workshop event "Digital Skills for Construction: Unlock Business Growth" held by the Gloucestershire Construction Training Group at C&G Services (Europe) Ltd, and supported by Constructing Excellence South West, the Construction Industry Training Board, the CIOB, and Consult and Gettrained.

This is my snapshot of the proceedings of these events :

Peer to Peer BIM : "Emerging Technologies - Blockchain"

Chaired by UWE Estates Digital/BIM Manager Mike Ford, three guest speakers gave stimulating presentations, which offered insights from other industry sectors that could benefit the construction sector.

  • Dr Jim Mason, UWE, gave a presentation on blockchain and smart contracts. In it he described how the 3 key parameters to blockchain are transparency, traceability and collaboration and referred to a 2018 report by the Institute of Civil Engineers "Blockchain technology in construction." He also revealed the early use of blockchain concepts in the transportation sector including by a HEXABIM partner, BIMCHAIN, from which the construction sector can learn.
  • Edward Hernández, WSP UK, gave a presentation on blockchain and digital assets for the construction industry that related to the evolution and use of automation and artificial intelligence in asset and data management. In it he revealed the benefits of automated payment technology pioneered in the manufacturing sector by Volkswagen and Bosch.
  • Blockchain specialist Stephen Peart then described the smart contract process, including as it relates to bitcoins, and passionately declared that blockchain is 'here to stay.'

Questions from the floor, revealed a concern of the sustainability of blockchain in terms of the environmental efficiency of the additional volume of data created, but a positive case for it was made by a contractor who described the potential benefit of blockchain as a distributed ledger technology, to construction project teams including their supply chains.

I also appreciated having a brief insight into the work of the Survey4BIM group through one of its executive members, and the opportunity at the end to raise awareness of HEXABIM UK by mentioning it to those present.

Digital skills : "Digital Skills for Construction: Unlock Business Growth"

At the "Digital Skills for Construction: Unlock Business Growth" event chaired by Gerald Crittle for the Gloucestershire Construction Training Group, several guest speakers, including myself for HEXABIM, collectively presented and discussed the state of digital transformation and the usage of a range of digital platforms and solutions available to the construction sector today.

These included Trimble's suite of leading BIM, field and data management solutions (including Tekla, Viewpoint and Trimble Connect), through to health and safety devices, solutions and apps incorporating biometric technology, a mobile site diary solution and app for use on jobsites, project management solutions and apps for agile teams and dedicated BIM knowledge sharing and communication platforms, such as HEXABIM and biminar.

BIMINAR No°1 : "BIM, Digital life, the Universe and Everything"

As other news from this week, HEXABIM's first moderated BIM webinar "BIM, Digital life, the Universe and Everything" hosted by UK architect and BIM champion, John Eynon, and supported by the Institute of Engineering and Technology, is scheduled for 2.30pm GMT on 18th March.

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