Meet Cesare Caoduro, senior BIM manager and Dynamo-MEP specialist from Italy

Meet Cesare Caoduro, senior BIM manager and Dynamo-MEP specialist from Italy

This week we have the pleasure to talk with Cesare Caoduro from Italy, a passionate of technologies with more than 10 years of experience in the construction field. He has always worked for around Autodesk ecosystem starting from a very small reseller and ending as an Autodesk employee. During those years he has been BIM specialist, coordinator, approved instructor, technical sales specialist, business developer, territory sales executive and so on. Always used his passion as a starting point for all conversations with customers and to guide them to the right way of implementing processes.

He is also passionate for generative design, Fusion 360, 3D printing always trying to develop some new functionalities in Dynamo to help his team achieve the best result without doing repetitive tasks.

How did you discovered and started in BIM ?

That was long time ago. First I started with unpaid CAD consultant job during my high school journey and after that, during university I fell in love with the first version of Revit. It was still not part of Autodesk but I realize that technology was the key for the future. I was right, Revit soon became the most used software around the world but still nobody knew about BIM. Then during my experience in Autodesk I growth my knowledge about processes and not only software…that was BIM! Today I can easily say that a good BIM Manager is not focused on a particular platform but is, firstly, a good Project Manager, a good mentor with attitude to problem solving.


What are your actual projects and missions ?

Actually base in Qatar as Senior BIM Manager, reporting directly to the Engineering Manager for Underground project in Qatar.  I am also responsible for generation of production and installation drawings for Mechanical Electrical Plumbing and Fire Protection disciplines.



What are your daily BIM solutions ?

Of course my favourite platform is Revit. All Qatar Rail Projects for Underground and Elevated use Revit as main platform for design, Navisworks for clash detection and 4D simulation. In order to achieve some task quickly and without repetitive jobs, I’m creating for my team Dynamo scripts. In MEP company Dynamo is not used for generative design, mostly we are using the power of data manipulation, data extraction and with python we can automate repetitive tasks.


Can you tell us more about BIM in Qatar and Italy your country ?

Well in Qatar BIM is becoming a must to have in all the projects: rail, stadium, hospitals, etc. There’re good opportunities for designer and power user and I think in Qatar Rail Project we are delivering a good “BIM”. But my country is Italy and in my country is another story, maybe we’ll talk about BIM after couple of years !


What about your hobbies Cesare ?

I have a wonderful family with lovely wife and a 2 years old son and we spent most of our time talking about animals, watching animals movies, animals documentaries, animals everything (my son is crazy for animals!) .. In this period my family is still in Italy so I’ve lots of free time to dedicate to TV Series (Game of Thrones is my favourite), playing guitar and doing some sport like squash.



Thank you very much Cesare for joining us and for the time you took for this interview, i personally appreciate your (BIM) career and (BIM) philosophy !


Cesare shared last week two great tutorials about Dynamo, you can download them here :

Cloud Computing's Value for Virtual Design and Con...
Dynamo 1.1 is here : T-Splines, Workspace export a...

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