Meet Laura Kay Smith, Design Technology Manager from Canada

Meet Laura Kay Smith, Design Technology Manager from Canada

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Laura Kay Smith is the Design Technology Manager at ZGF Cotter Architects in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Laura has been in the Technology management side of Architecture for over 20 years, both as a business consultant and in-house expert, developing and helping firms use and harness the Technology to create better design.

How did you discovered and started in BIM ?

After moving to Vancouver in 2011 I began focusing on a way to better the firm in Technology, at the time I did not realize I was leading them to BIM. After a couple of months I began to see the change and started to understand the power of the BIM process. After the first year it became my passion to implement, teach and better the BIM process.


What are you using as BIM solutions ?

In 2004-2005 our corporate headquarters in Portland Oregon tested both ArchiCAD and Revit. The end of the test revealed Revit was best suited for the companies needs at that time. Through the use of Revit we use the full suite of Autodesk building products, along with Rhino for some of our designs. We are constantly on the lookout for new technologies that can help our Designs be impactful and leading edge.


And you BIM projects ?

3 Civic Plaza in the City of Surrey uses BIM Tools and a collaborative environment. 3 Civic Plaza is an example of change, innovation and collaborative partnerships, more informations about this building can be found here.

This project is investigating if it is possible to develop a link between a Revit model and a database containing Canadian specification information that can be accessed through a web interface or Sharepoint. The database would assist in specification creation, material selection,  and potentially track site feedback on materials and specification sections by cross-referencing with the closeout/punch list phase.


Can you tell us more about BIM in your country ?

I feel Canada is at the door step of BIM, SmartBIM teamed with CanBIM is working hard to help the government require BIM. There are two groups leading the charge to help the Canadian industry develop an industry consensus on BIM.


What about your hobbies Laura ?

In my free time I enjoy the simple pleasure of a Motorcycle ride through the country. I also enjoy sharing and helping to educate everyone and anyone on BIM. Have written a book on becoming a BIM advocate, started a blog on BIM, and have presented at many user groups and conferences.


I have really enjoyed the connections made here on HEXABIM. I think it’s a great place to share our ideas and move BIM forward. My goal, in the world of BIM, is for our community to realizing Open BIM, and then move beyond, with the help of communities like HEXABIM we can get there.

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