Meet Mohamed Tareq Ali, architect & BIM engineer from Germany

Meet Mohamed Tareq Ali, architect & BIM engineer from Germany

Mohamed Tareq Ali is an Architect with a Masters in Construction Management. Previous professional and academic experiences in Architecture, Interior Design and Building Information Modelling from India, Germany, Finland and Qatar. He studied architecture in India and worked there for 3 years, then moved to Germany for post graduate studies in construction management.

We'll discover how he started BIM, what solutions he is using, projects he worked on like the Doha metro-rail, the state of BIM in his country India and more !


Currently living in Germany, How did you discovered and started in BIM?

I first discovered BIM in Finland, when I went there for the erasmus exchange program in 2013. I had prior experience of working with Autodesk AutoCAD and Sketchup, but during this program I was introduced to Graphisoft ArchiCAD, Tekla Structures and Vico Software. I worked on various assignments that explored the potential of these software and made me understand their capabilities. I was also familiarized with the different BIM use cases and the use of IFC for model exchange.




Lets talk about your projects and missions !

In 2014, I was chosen for an internship at HOCHTIEF ViCon in Qatar. It was then, when I got a first hand experience of BIM. I was majorly assigned to the Doha metro-rail project, that gave me a great insight into the world of BIM. I learned a lot of new software during this internship, which served various purposes.

Since HOCHTIEF ViCon is a BIM consulting company, we hardly had any modelling tasks, so the use of Autodesk Revit was limited to federation, extraction and splitting of models for services like model quality checks, clash detection, quantity take-offs and so on. For model checking, clash detection and 4D animation I was using Autodesk Navisworks, and for quantity take-offs I used Desite MD.

For project information exchange and collaboration I was using Aconex, a web-based platform for some projects and Bentley ProjectWise for others. Each project had a set of software, defined by the owner or client, depending upon their preferences, so it would not be easy to say why I did not use other alternatives.


What about BIM in India ?

In India BIM is being utilized in big scale projects such as government sector and infrastructure. Although, the use of BIM in general is limited to big companies, it is slowly gaining popularity with commercial property developers.

The major scope of BIM in India could be design coordination, as it is one of the most common issues in the AEC industry. From a broader perspective, collaborative BIM should be enforced for all projects, as a first step.


Do you have any hobbies Tareq ?

My favourite sports are football, volleyball and table tennis. I also like to cycle around the city and take photographs of buildings and nature. Travelling and meeting people from different cultural backgrounds, is interesting for me. I love cars!

What do you think about the HEXABIM community ?

I think it is a great platform for BIM professionals to interact with each other and have interesting discussions. It can also be a place for networking with people and may help someone looking for opportunities around the world.

I personally like the resources like videos, models and projects section, because it is quite helpful for some of us who want to learn. Another interesting thing is the events section, which keeps us up to date with upcoming BIM conferences and seminars.

I am happy to be a part of HEXABIM, and hope that I can make more friends from it and try to help each other :)


I would to thank you Mohammed for this interview, i much appreciate talking with you !
We will continue following you with the community, do not hesitate to share with us your BIM stories & good luck !

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