Meet Victor Muñoz, BIM & Lean Construction manager from UK

Meet Victor Muñoz, BIM & Lean Construction manager from UK

Awarded as Constructor Engineer from The Catholic University of Valparaiso (Chile) in 2008. In 2009, he starts to work as BIM technician in the Center for Management Excellence from The Catholic University of Chile. There he was involved as BIM modeller and Manager in projects from different areas such as real estate, hospitals and civil projects. To reach 4,304,000 sqft (400.000 m2) modelled and co-ordinated, being most of those projects focus on real estate and hospitals.

Recognizing the important role that BIM methodology will play in the future develop of the AEC industry, he starts to study a Master in Science at University of Salford during 2013 to be awarded with the degree of MSc BIM and Integrated Design in 2014. Nowadays, he will start to pursue a Master in Philosophy at the ThinkLAB from the University of Salford to develop an Information Delivery Manual (IDM) to be used as base for the interoperability of an energy BIM tool (D4E software).

Currently living in Manchester, UK How did you discovered and started in BIM?

In 2005, my father introduced me in Tekla Structures 10 but as a drawing tool; in 2007, I discovered ArchiCAD v9 as a render tool for my undergraduate´s dissertation. However I discovered BIM as concept in 2008 when i was working as assistant on site engineer. Basically I supported quantity surveyor activities, but the project data was unclear, then usually it was a very time consuming activity until a day I discussed with my boss and I got fired. Then I recognized that situation could be overcome using a 3D model hosted in a server (for that time I had no idea about Clouds), so I spent that unemployed period training myself in these software and looking any tutorial until I found the “BIM Handbook”, and the rest is history !

What are your actual projects and missions ?

Currently i´m working full time in my MPhil, but I just created a model using pointcloud data for the Network Rail in Manchester.

What tools and software are you using?

At some point i´ve used below software and tools:

  • Modelling: Revit, ArchiCAD, Tekla Structures, Bentley Descartes
  • 4D: Navisworks
  • Integrator: Tekla BIMsight
  • Comparing models: BIM Vision
  • Data stewardship: Owncloud and Cobian Backup

Can you tell us more about BIM in Universities and research ?

About BIM in Universities, there is a lot to advance, there should be two agenda in short and long term: short term for professionals interested in to update knowledge; long term for undergraduated students. Unfortunately, i´ve seen bad example of both of them, i´ve seen a very good post grad courses that are focus in to explain BIM as a new methodology that goes through the whole lifecycle; in the same way i´ve seen courses with the name of ´Master´ when they are just focus in to explain how to use a software.

About research, this is a recent subject then there is a lot of research to do yet, e.g. in UK the next objective is to achieve Level 3 in BIM maturity, that goal introduces new challenges as improving interoperability, servers and data stewardship. Other subjects that will require development are: integration of BIM and Building Performance Simulation (BPS) to design project energetically efficient; Computer Fluids Dynamics (CFD) applied to design evacuation corridors for emergencies.

What about your hobbies Victor ?

Music: AC/DC, Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters and Bob Dylan, movies like : The Clockwork Orange, 2001, Lord of the Rings and any directed by Danny Boyle, Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan. For books : Animal farm, War of the Worlds, comic books: Coraline, The Sculptor, X-Men. Swimming and running, travelling and drawing !

And finally what do you think about the HEXABIM (BIMfriends) community ?

I like how the data is centralized in one social network and the interphase that it has. In my opinion it is better than those multiple groups in Linkedin, however I feel that there is not collaboration enough from the member in sharing data and questions. I think it is need to improve this point in order to get a real benefit from this network.


Thank you Victor for taking the time to answer our questions, it was a real pleasure to talk with you !

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