Autodesk University 2015 with Eric Bernier - Dec 3

Already the last day of classes at Autodesk university 2015. Time flies, beautiful meetings have taken place and to finish it off, a mega party held at the Hard Rock Hotel. After talking with some colleagues, the last day was the best. Beautiful training courses: Infraworks a particularly interesting course on how to become a better BIM Manager with Mark Kiker.

For the late night party, as usual, several different rooms according to taste. We started with a rock theme with karaoke with a live band. Zenit our team member tried his luck in front of over 150 people. Then, pool activities around outdoor swimming pools with alcohol galore. We finished the evening with a retro 20's room with a singer and pianist who resumed their titles contemporary flavor !

Once again, AU was a great success with an attendance of about 10,000 people.

It was a pleasure to share with you my experience. Goodbye!

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Autodesk University 2015 with Eric Bernier - Dec 2

Hello world, i had the opportunity to attend even once the opening where Carl Bass succeeded for the umpteenth time to raise the creativity of the people present with new technologies, then left the place to the CTO who spoke Airbus aircraft with shells made by generative iterations that allowed among others to save 50% on the weight of certain partitions !

I am also sending you pictures of some people and places, robots, that I met there. Here you can recognize Jean-Marc Demeo and Eric Croteau (3409), Sbartai Ahmed, Anis and Jacques !

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Autodesk University 2015 with Eric Bernier - Dec 1

It's a great pleasure again to share with you my activities at AU 2015.  Today, a lot of Dynamo witha day long class on BIM. A well deserved lunch was waiting for us with a room literally full of BIM Managers.  We are going now to get our certifications.  The waiting line is very long even if we arrived an hour earlier.  On your mark, get set, GO!

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Autodesk University 2015 with Eric Bernier - Nov 30

Hello everyone and welcome to the live coverage (almost) of the Autodesk University 2015. I will do a global monitoring of the event, keeping you informed about news, activities, technologies etc. I will send you some pictures of site preparation by Autodesk. Things take shape! Stay tuned for more info. You can also follow my son different social networks for news, just search for Zenit Consultants !

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