Autodesk LIVE, immersive experience for Revit users

Yesterday Autodesk launched officially a new interactive visualization service which offers Revit users the ability to transform their 3d models into fully-interactive 3D models, this product called Live is not really new, it was known as Project Expo and was in the Autodesk Lab before the final release.

As described by Autodesk, LIVE converts a project visualization into an interactive model in the cloud, Architects, engineers and construction professionals may customize and more easily share the experience with clients to explore on their own, enhancing communication of a digital design before a project ever breaks ground.

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Run your favourite BIM software in a browser ?

Seems to be a new era for CAD and BIM with Frame, it is a service that lets you move any Windows application to the cloud and access it from any device, at any time. All you need is a browser, no plugins or additional hardware are required.

In the last AU2015 AutoCAD and Revit was certified by Autodesk to be used on the Frame platform, you need simply to create a virtual machine on the platform, connect your favourite storage service (Dropbox, Box or google drive) and install Revit after uploading the installation files to the cloud.

This post will not be a full review of Frame, its just a pre-review for our first impressions about it :-)

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