5 Pillars of a successful BIM Implementation | Part 5 - BIM Deliverables

There’s a special irony in our industry: we take pride in our ability to think, plan, and execute construction projects at great levels of detail. Yet, with BIM projects, we can engage in surprisingly little planning.  We know how to organize our work to avoid mistakes and oversights. But when it...
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5 Pillars of a Successful BIM Implementation | Part 4 - Did You Say "BIM Coordination"?

I suggest that we do away with the term “BIM Coordination”. Not only does it focus attention on Building Information Modeling (BIM) exclusively, but the term also implies that only certain qualified individuals can perform this function.

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5 Pillars of a Successful BIM Implementation | Part 3 - Roadmap to a BIM framework

There’s no question that BIM delivers new levels of performance for the AEC industry. Architects, engineers, and constructors can easily visualize what is to be built in a 3D simulated environment. As a result, they can quickly identify any potential design, construction, and operational issues, reducing waste and optimizing efficiency through all phases of a project life cycle.

Given the diversity of the tasks that a BIM Manager must accomplish on a day-to-day basis, however, it can be useful to see how their alignment with an organization’s overall BIM vision will deliver stronger outcomes.

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5 Pillars of a Successful BIM Implementation | Part 2 - BIM Adoption, the Human Factor

As today’s construction and engineering enterprises increasingly depend on digital technologies, BIM adoption can mean radical change for their business.

BIM, as we know, makes it simple to coordinate 3D and non-graphical data throughout the life of an asset. As a result, this collaborative environment can provide higher engineering standards, avoid the need for rework, and cut costs across the life cycle of a project.

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5 Pillars of a Successful BIM Implementation | Part 1 - BIM Manager, Agent of Change

With so many experienced BIM Managers in our industry today, why do organizations and individuals struggle to adopt, grow and support BIM? In today’s AEC industry, a BIM Manager can have many responsibilities -- including enterprise planning strategy, project coordination and support. In some organizations, the BIM Manager role has become somewhat diluted. This title is being handed out as a catch-all for just about every responsibility that is related to BIM. A quick LinkedIn search for those in BIM Manager roles, for example, returns almost 10,000 results. And if you search for titles that contain the BIM acronym, the number goes up to more than 250,000 people! This gives us a good indication of how many individuals overall may be associated with BIM.

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