Meet Mohamed Tareq Ali, architect & BIM engineer from Germany

Mohamed Tareq Ali is an Architect with a Masters in Construction Management. Previous professional and academic experiences in Architecture, Interior Design and Building Information Modelling from India, Germany, Finland and Qatar. He studied architecture in India and worked there for 3 years, then moved to Germany for post graduate studies in construction management.

We'll discover how he started BIM, what solutions he is using, projects he worked on like the Doha metro-rail, the state of BIM in his country India and more !

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Meet Michael Coffey Architect and BIM Support Specialist from NYC, USA

Hello everybody, this is our 3rd weekly interview "Member of the week" ! I've the BIG pleasure to talk with our (BIM) friend Michael Coffey from New York City, USA, as mentioned in the title he is an architect and BIM support specialist, he joined us some months ago early in November 2015.

As usual, we will discover his career, how he discovered BIM, what solutions he is using, its projects, his daily missions, the state of BIM and its maturity in USA and more ! So lets go !

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Meet Kenneth KROGSETH, BIM specialist & coordinator from Norway !

I am so excited to start the weekly interviews "Member of the week", every week we will meet a new member and talk with him about BIM but not only, his job, missions, used software and platforms, BIM in his country and also his hobbies :)

For this first edition we will talk with the very gentle "BIM friend" Kenneth KROGSETH, so lets start !

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Meet Jeremy TAMMIK : blogger, developer and consulting analyst at Autodesk

Today we have the pleasure to talk with the founder and very specialized blogger at The Building Coder website, Jeremy TAMMIK who is also a consulting analyst at Autodesk Europe, we will talk with him about many topics such as his career, his daily missions, why he is using Revit as platform, what he think about the latest RTC Europe event, his actual projects, some AEC trends and finally some of his numerous hobbies in real life (no Revit please) !

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Meet Simon MOREAU, BIM manager and developer from France

We are so excited to start the "BIM with" interviews, for this first edition we will talk with Simon MOREAU, well known with his great blog : The Answer to the Great Question of BIM, the Universe and Everything.

Simon is a french BIM manager et developer, he is working for one of the biggest engineering companies in France, INGEROP. We will talk about his choice of BIM, how BIM practices are organised around tools, why we should develop programs and scripts for BIM, how he see the future of BIM and finally what he think about BIM friends !

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