Meet Victor Muñoz, BIM & Lean Construction manager from UK

Awarded as Constructor Engineer from The Catholic University of Valparaiso (Chile) in 2008. In 2009, he starts to work as BIM technician in the Center for Management Excellence from The Catholic University of Chile. There he was involved as BIM modeller and Manager in projects from different areas such as real estate, hospitals and civil projects. To reach 4,304,000 sqft (400.000 m2) modelled and co-ordinated, being most of those projects focus on real estate and hospitals.

Recognizing the important role that BIM methodology will play in the future develop of the AEC industry, he starts to study a Master in Science at University of Salford during 2013 to be awarded with the degree of MSc BIM and Integrated Design in 2014. Nowadays, he will start to pursue a Master in Philosophy at the ThinkLAB from the University of Salford to develop an Information Delivery Manual (IDM) to be used as base for the interoperability of an energy BIM tool (D4E software).

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